Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Publication

A Hard World For Little Things, By Brando-Chemtrails is a collection of poetry written by a local slam poet and revolutionary. Brando Chemtrails is an anarchist with long time Denver ties and five books, this being the most recent one. The poems, stories, and one song in this collection all tie into the same anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist source, but all covering very different subjects. Brando can be found at punk, hip hop and folk shows, anarchist book fairs, infoshops, open mics, poetry slams and plasma centers across the country.
From the beginning of the first page, you become engrossed in the prose that Brando creates. Not only the way he uses language, but the way he weaves ideas around revolutionary thought. The book speaks eloquently of migratory rights, human rights, and our constant struggle against the State in the way that often only poetry can. It is an amazing book by an awesome revolutionary author, for sale now in our online store. 

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