Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New T-Shirts!

We just printed a bunch of Eric McDavid shirts with proceeds going to Eric's support team (supporteric.org). More about Eric:
Eric McDavid is a political prisoner, currently serving a 20 year sentence in federal prison for “thought crime.” He was arrested in January 2006 (as part of the government's ongoing "Green Scare" campaign against environmental and animal rights activists) after being targeted by an undercover informant who formulated a crime and entrapped Eric in it. Eric was targeted by the state for his political beliefs, and his case is important for everyone who dares to stand up.

New Pamplet!

We have a new zine out called Food Not Lawns: New Experiments In Foodways for Our Colonial, State Capitalist Context. This zine draws attention to past resistance through guerrilla gardening, as well as ideas on spreading the community of sustainable living within larger city communities, including 'The 10 Step Garden', and a short synopsis on the current colonial context that our food-ways will have to develop past. It's available in our online store, and will be shipped right to you upon request.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

4 Struggle Mag

New 4strugglemag is now in publication and available in our online store! 4strugglemag is a periodical of views, thoughts and analysis from North American political prisoners and their friends.

New Publication by Dr. Mutulu Shakur!

We've added a new book into our zine library, written by Dr. Mutulu Shakur: Justice and Amnesty: applying the South African truth and reconciliation process to the North American Black liberation movement, and The New Afrikan Policy Initiative: A working paper on urgent actions and foreign policy objectives to prevent Africom from becoming a 21st century imperialist tactic during the tenure of U.S. president Barack Obama. It's available now in our online store!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tickets for Sale!

Tickets on sale now for dinner with Robert King Wilkerson of the Angola 3 and Ward Churchill, a revolutionary activist. Proceeds from the event will go to political prisoner Mutulu Shakur and the 2011 North American ABC convergence.

Robert King Wilkerson is the only free member of the political prisoner trio known as the Angola 3. In 2001 Robert King Wilkerson was released after serving 31 years in prison, 29 of which were in solitary confinement due to his involvement in the only Black Panther Party chapter inside a prison. Since his release he has been a tireless activist and author.

Ward Churchill is a prolific American Indian scholar/activist, Ward Churchill is a founding member of the Rainbow Council of Elders, and longtime member of the leadership council of the American Indian Movement of Colorado. In addition to his numerous works on Indigenous history, he has written extensively on U.S. foreign policy and the repression of political dissent, including the FBI’s COINTELPRO operations against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Publication

A Hard World For Little Things, By Brando-Chemtrails is a collection of poetry written by a local slam poet and revolutionary. Brando Chemtrails is an anarchist with long time Denver ties and five books, this being the most recent one. The poems, stories, and one song in this collection all tie into the same anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist source, but all covering very different subjects. Brando can be found at punk, hip hop and folk shows, anarchist book fairs, infoshops, open mics, poetry slams and plasma centers across the country.
From the beginning of the first page, you become engrossed in the prose that Brando creates. Not only the way he uses language, but the way he weaves ideas around revolutionary thought. The book speaks eloquently of migratory rights, human rights, and our constant struggle against the State in the way that often only poetry can. It is an amazing book by an awesome revolutionary author, for sale now in our online store. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Call out to all authors!

P&L Press is issuing an open call out to all authors interested in seeing their work distributed through P&L Press. We choose a new zine to publish bi-weekly, so if you are an author interested in seeing your work published through a radical distro and printed in a worker owned and run print shop, submit your work to plpress@riseup.net. This will be a completely open submission, with no deadline on our reading time. We are looking for submissions for zines and chapbooks presently, with the possibility of short story collections and longer books in the future. Even if your work doesn't have a radical bend, we'd love to see what local authors are working on and see where we can fit in as a small press.

Please head all emails with submissions as such and send your stuff to plpress@riseup.net.