Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Pamplet: Why Anti-Authoritarian? by Larry Giddings

We just finished laying out and printing a new pamphlet, the classic "Why Anti-Authoritarian?" by former political prisoner Larry Giddings. The copies that were lying around here in Denver were pretty old and photocopied to hell, so we took the liberty of laying it out all over again and printing a new edition.

The zine includes Larry's essay from the early nineties concerning the events of August 21st, 1971, in which on his way to an arms expropriation he was later convicted of, Giddings hears the news of George Jackson's death at San Quentin prison on the car radio. The author's bio, previously featured one written in 1996, has been tweaked to include more accurate and to date information.

We printed the covers on a golden champagne pearl stock, ensuring the edition's long term survival this time around. You can purchase the zine for $3.00 from our store here, or email us for bulk ordering options.


  1. Does this include time he spent with the Charles Manson Circle 1969-1971?

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