Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tonight Our Fists Are Theirs Volume I – Soliciting Submissions For Zine on Anti-Police Actions in Denver

Within the last eight months, Denver has seen an inspiring and growing movement against police terror. In a city with the worst brutality statistics in the entire country, activists and revolutionaries are working to mobilize many communities to combat the police in the streets, in the courts, and in the press. This has taken the form of rowdy street marches shutting down the city, physical confrontations with cops, rallies and vigils, educational events, and countless other actions ensuring victims of police violence like Marvin Booker won't be forgotten: they'll be avenged.

P&L Press, a publishing and distribution arm of worker-owned print shop P&L Printing, is looking to publish a zine chronicling these events. We are looking to gather photos*, video*, and written accounts from participants, onlookers and organizers to offer a look at this movement from outside the mainstream media. Our aim is to share this story with the city and the world.

We know this story is still being written, and that this may be an ongoing project. Other editions could be published later. The first prospective edition, Tonight Our Fists Are Theirs Volume I, will cover the events of the last eight months and has a submission deadline of April 2nd; our hope being that it can be out before May Day. Our goal with gathering video is to put a short but definitive representation of the actions in one package.

Actions we are seeking material for:
The march in late August organized by West Denver CopWatch (

as well as any material from other rallies, vigils and press conferences. Please send all submissions, inquiries, collaborations or kind offers of help to

*Please blur out faces or defining features of action participants, we don't want to do the cops' job for them. This is relatively easy to do with a photograph but a good tutorial for video is available here.

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